• The contract is deployed on Arbitrum One

  • The contract is an implementation of the ERC721Enumerable by Openzeppelin.

  • The contract is recyclable, it is built to run multiple seasons.

Contract variables (seasonal values)

  • Total Mints (per season) : 10'000

  • Mints per wallet: 25

  • Character Base Attack: 1000

  • Character Base Defense: 250

  • Character Base Weight: 3600

  • Public Price: 0.01 ETH

  • Contract Fee: 0.002 ETH

  • Total Pod: 80 ETH


The metadata of the tokens is stored on-chain. It contains five equipment traits and the aura of the token stored as text. Attack, Defense and Weight of the token is calculated based on the traits and stored as a number.


For the minting as well as the fighting calculation the contract is connected to Chainlink VRF contracts which provides unpredictable randomness. The source of the randomness is fully decentralized and 100% unpredictable.

Public API

The contract provides several endpoints to track tokens. The easiest way to interact with the contract is through Arbiscan.io

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