The Gainlings
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The Trophy System is designed to add strategic depth and excitement to combat encounters within the context of the game.
For each victorious attack, players are awarded a trophy. This trophy serves as a symbol of their success in combat and carries significant benefits that enhance their gameplay experience. The amount of trophies is reflected in the top right corner of the Gainling on the battlefield.
Notably, defenders do not receive any bonus for eliminating attackers, ensuring a balanced and rewarding system. Accumulating trophies grants players incremental advantages. Randomness/Luck bonus
  • The base range for Randomness/Luck is 0-1000.
  • The range bonus per trophy is +100.
  • For instance, possessing 5 trophies would result in a Randomness/Luck range of 500-1500.
Cooldown reduction
  • Each trophy reduces the cooldown time by 2%
  • This reduction empowers players to engage in combat more frequently, adding a strategic element to their decision-making
Hover over the Randomness/Luck value to get detailed information.